About Us

Lords Lifestyle Charters was founded to provide a unique and personalised charter service to the world’s most discerning individuals.


We realise that it is possible to search the web and charter a luxury yacht, hire a private jet or rent a performance vehicle, but our belief is this….the end product may be the same, but the journey is better when you take it with us.

At Lords Charters we operate a personal and effusively bespoke service to ensure that you are left with nothing to do but enjoy your experience.

We aim to create unique and memorable experiences in the luxury transport and leisure scene with a service that is generally reserved for Lords and Royals.

At Lords Charters we’ve always taken the approach to resist the all too common word ‘Impossible.’

This stems from the fact that our team are unique in that whilst they have industry knowledge and a vast experience of the marine, aviation and executive travel sector, they have also all worked within sales environments.

Any successful individual will know that by developing a team of industry professionals with the added mentality, drive and ambition that you only pick up from the sales floor, you create truly unique and sector leading results. Our charter experiences are the product of knowing how to ask the right questions and then going out to get you and your guests the right price.


Put simply, all of our clients expect the same thing from their charter agency, but we’re not interested in giving you the same thing as the others. We intend to give you more. So whether you are looking for a luxury yacht, villa or private jet, you need look no further. This is Lords Charters.


  • Lords Charters were quick to deal with my yacht charter enquiry, even on a Sunday. Thank you all for a lovely experience and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

    Paul Weavers -Wright

  • We have dealt with other charter companies in the past but none that are as attentive and personalized as Lords Charters. Good work.


  • Thank you to Richard, Marisa and the whole team for arranging an incredible day out. Our clients were stunned by the whole experience and are all asking when the next day out is!

    Serena Lavistock


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