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Ibiza Yacht Charter

A Great Place For A Yacht Charter In The Med for 2016

If you’re planning a vacation in Ibiza and Formentera this summer, why not take a different approach and hire a charter yacht. The two places bring different types of adventure and excitement to its visitors, whether they are new to the islands or seasonal residents.

When you hear the word Ibiza, most people immediately associate the white isle with its summer beach parties, restaurant bars and world famous nightclubs filled with thousands of partygoers. On the other hand, A short distance away lies Formentera, Ibiza’s quiet and tranquil neighbour. If you want to relax or get away from noise, this island is for you and in such close proximity that it can be visited by boat as part of a day trip.


The weather condition around Ibiza and Formentera is typically good for sailing especially during the summer season which runs from the month of May to October. During this period, the 2 islands’ beaches [...]

Chartering a Private Yacht?

Safety Tips You Should Know

Yacht Charter Safety

Have you recently made plans to charter a private yacht?

If so, when is your trip coming?

Is it quickly approaching?


While the chartering of a private yacht can be fun and exciting, it is also important that you place a focus on safety. When on a privately chartered yacht, you are literally at the mercy of the waters and your yacht crew. Although it may seem like the situation is out of your hands, there are a number of different ways that you can go about protecting yourself. Just a few of those ways are touched on below.

Perhaps, the best thing that you can do is tour your yacht. Although you might want to start enjoying your vacation right away, you will also want to know the ins and outs of your yacht. Whether you choose to explore every inch of the yacht yourself or if you ask the [...]

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Two of the most popular areas to visit whilst on you Mediterranean yacht charter

Mediterranean yacht charters are amongst some of the most memorable experiences according to our clients. This area is the birthplace of modern civilizations.
You can explore ruins dating back to 3000 BC, navigate the unique blend of the old and the new, or simply sit out on deck and take in the stunning landscape, the result of a variety of geological activity over millions of years. The result is breath-taking scenery for your next charter.
Below are a couple of options for you upcoming Mediterranean yacht Charters.

Bareboat Yacht Charters

S48-EXT_DSC3788_bBareboat charters work just as they sound. You are chartering the boat and nothing else. If you are qualified, you can skipper the boat yourself as long as you can show proof of your sailing experience and all of the relevant certification. Our skipper will [...]

Luxury Yacht Charter in Exotic Destinations

Learn why so many people are passing on cruise vacations and opting for the luxury yacht charter option.

From a Mega Yacht in Greece, a Catamaran in Italy, an Expedition Vessel in Alaska or a Luxury Yacht in the South of France. Luxury Yacht Charter is our business.

We have numerous luxury charter sail boats available for you whether you choose to get lost in the Greek Islands or celebrate your Honeymoon aboard a Tall Ship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A Gulet in Turkey or a Racing Yacht for the Swan Rolex Cup or the Copa del Rey (Kings Cup) held annually in Mallorca. Lords yacht charters is seeking the quintessential on your behalf from our worldwide directory.

To make your choice easier, we detail the locations, with pictures, photos, prices and weather links, along with the vessels specifications. We have included our very informative guide to luxury yacht charter, which covers almost [...]

Yacht Charter

Stop dreaming, start living...

Yacht Charter: Your Luxury Lifestyle Partners


Allow me to set the scene.

It’s a dull January afternoon as you peer out of the window and observe yet more rain. Your mind wonders. You envision the delights of deserted beaches, fresh seafood, exotic cocktails, ocean views and the soothing sound of the waves gently crashing against the hull of your luxury charter yacht. Whilst most people’s momentary paradise ends there, it doesn’t need to.

No doubt you are searching for a yacht charter company, but did you expect to find one that can take care of your every request. Private jet charter, no issue. Luxury villa rental, got it. Performance sports car or supercar hire, you’ve guessed it.

We realise that it is possible to search the web and charter a luxury yacht, hire a private jet or rent a performance vehicle, but our belief is this….the end [...]

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

The Ultimate Boys Weekend
23rd to 26th June 2016



If you are yet to experience Goodwood Festival of Speed… You haven’t lived.

If you have been in the past….You’ve never been like this!!!

The team at Lords Charters have teamed up with the good people of Goodwood to offer our clients a truly unique experience. Fast cars, Luxury yachts and one of the countries ultimate VIP passes, all make this weekend the one which will be talked about for years to come.

Let’s begin:

Rolls Royce

An early start is required as your driver will greet you at your home and whisk you away in your transport for the day. The Rolls Royce Phantom is regarded by [...]

Ten Top Charter Yachts for 2015

A complete run down of the most desirable charter vessels of 2015 / 2016. Here is your top 10...


Brand new launch with the latest charter yacht facilities:
Arguably the most talked-about new addition to the fleet last year, the stunning 95m/312ft superyacht KISMET was one of a number of Lürssen vessels delivered in 2014 in what was a fantastic year for the German shipyard. Since her launch she has continued to grab the industry’s attention with notable design features, such as a silver jaguar on her bowsprit as well as a basketball hoop to add to her array of onboard facilities. We look forward to seeing what surprises she has in store for 2016.


Undergoing extensive refit ready for 2015 adventure charters:
Originally built in 1974 by IHC Verschure, the 74m/241ft [...]

Bugatti entering the Luxury Yacht market?

Here’s that $2.2 million Bugatti yacht you didn’t know you needed


Ultra-exotic car maker Bugatti doesn’t currently have any cars in production, and it’s months away from showing its next model — the Chiron — to the public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy Bugatti-branded stuff right now. Very expensive Bugatti-branded stuff, in fact.

Meet the Niniette, a series of three luxe boats ranging from 42 to 88 feet in length made by yacht builder Palmer Johnson, which is licensing the Bugatti name. “Niniette” was the nickname of Lidia Bugatti, daughter of company founder Ettore. As you might expect with a Bugatti-branded boat, all three are covered in titanium and carbon fiber, accented by Bugatti’s trademark blue.

Don’t expect the Niniette to keep up with a Veyron: it tops out around 38 knots (44 mph), which is still pretty quick for a giant boat. The smallest model, the [...]

Super Yacht ‘SERENE’ is the Twelfth largest in the world.

She arrived in Malta to commence a mind blowing refit and is expected to be back in fully charter operation next season.

This winter refit period for Palumbo Malta super yachts started earlier than previous years with the arrival of MY Serene. The 134m mega yacht arrived in Malta last Sunday, early in the morning.

Catering for approximately 50 super yachts per year, Palumbo Malta Super Yachts said it was of great satisfaction to be carrying out works on the 12th largest super yacht in the world.

“This yacht has been entrusted to us by a well renowned management company in the yachting sector with whom we have built a good long term relationship by refitting other yachts managed by the same company at our Yards,” Palumbo said.

The vessel is being housed at the yard’s number 2 graving dock, being the largest dock available in Malta for the super yacht sector. Its crew, whilst off-duty, can enjoy the leisure facilities that the yard created specifically for this purpose.

The mega yacht was built in 2011 by [...]

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